BY SCOTT: The 90+10 minute loss goal caused Scott McTominay and Scotland to bid farewell to EURO 2024

Kevin Csoboth scored a golden goal, helping Hungary defeat Scotland, thereby rising to 3rd place in Group A.

Because of the important nature of the match, the two teams entered the match somewhat cautiously.

Scotland played a bit more proactively, but couldn’t do much against a Hungary team that played quite low at home.

Hungary appears dangerous in fixed situations. In the 41st minute, from Szoboszlai’s free kιck, Orban escaped and headed the crossbar against the Scottish goal.

The match was tense and not many opportunities were created.

The two teams competed fiercely in the midfield, but lacked the creativity to create a breakthrough. The first half ended without any goals scored.

At the beginning of the second half, doctors had to go on the field to care for Barnabás Varga after a dispute.

In the final minutes of the match, the two teams pushed their attacking formations higher, making the match more exciting. Both Scotland and Hungary have their own opportunities.

And luck smiled on Hungary in the 90+10 minute. In a quick cоunterattack, substitute Kevin Csoboth finished close range, scoring a golden goal, helping Hungary win 1-0 in the end.Kevin Csoboth’s indescribable joy.