Latest on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Liverpool Future as Arne Slot Prepares to Take Charge

HITC is aware that Trent Alexander-Arnold’s long-term contract negotiations are Liverpool’s top priority this summer.

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The 25-year-old, who made his debut for Liverpool in 2016, has been an important member of the team ever since.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and the Reds have had discussions all season long, but the plan has always been to get together at the conclusion of the season to work out the specifics.

According to sources close to Liverpool, the England defender’s decision to pledge his future to his home club causes no concern within the organization.

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His camp has received unequivocal word that he will become the highest paid player on the team and that they view him as the team’s long-term captain.

Since taking over for Jordan Henderson at the beginning of the season, Virgil van Dijk has been the player wearing the captain’s armband.

However, the Dutchman is 32 years old, so it makes sense that Alexander-Arnold will eventually take over as the club’s leader.

After Jurgen Klopp left Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold was placed under Arne Slot.Though a contract hasn’t been inked yet, HITC is aware that some members of the team are concerned that he hasn’t been signed yet.

Arne Slot will take over for Klopp, and Liverpool wants the Alexander-Arnold matter resolved as quickly as possible. The Dutchman does not want to take over a challenging situation.

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All levels of the club management believe that handling the Alexander-Arnold situation is crucial, even though the team still has other issues to deal with, such as the necessity and desire to bring in new players for the defense, midfield, and attack.

The achievement of Trent Alexander at LiverpoolDespite the fact that the Englishman is still developing, given his performance under Klopp, some would undoubtedly include Alexander-Arnold in their ideal Liverpool starting lineup.

You know you are a unique player when people refer to you as a right-back version of Kevin de Bruyne all the time.

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He has accomplished everything at Anfield, including halting Liverpool’s three-decade Premier League winning streak and winning the Champions League in Madrid.

Jamie Carragher believes that even though van Dijk and Mohammed Salah are still with the team, Liverpool should center their lineup on him.