Dog’s luxury life: Inside the wishable life of Lisandro Martinez’s bulldog – It even has a Social account with more than 1 million followers

A star has come to Manchester United, The Kιller is Lisandro Martinez

Manchester United Argentina  on X: "Polito, el perro de Lisandro Martínez, cumplió tres años y tuvo su torta" / X

Don’t be fooled by Martinez’s meаn nickname; he has a soft side. Just look at his dog on the Instagram account he shares with his girlfriend, Muri Lopez Benitez. Polo, their French Bulldog pet, has more than 20,000 fans who love the cute pictures of him.

There will be walks, games, and even kisses between the three of them.

It looks like Polo is having a great time by going for walks and playing with his parents’ toys.

Man Utd star Lisandro Martinez's gorgeous WAG has super cute Instagram for pet dog Polo - Daily Star

Martinez’s life is centered around polo, which helps him calm down and unwind after tough games.

Polo lives in a luxurious way, which is fitting for his famous owner. This well-behaved dog lives in a fаncy dog house with designer toys, soft beds, and a separate play room.

Hậu vệ Entre Ríos và bạn gái nuôi chú chó là con trai của cặp đôi. Hình chụp. Instagram @yosoypolito

Ruk on X: "Sometimes a player comes along by surprise, steals your heart & changes your life forever. Lisandro Martinez is that guy His presence, his passion, his personality - he's magic!


The many social media posts that show how close Martinez and Polo are show how much they love each other. Their friendship is beautiful to see, whether they’re cuddling up on the couch or taking long walks on Martinez’s huge farm.

La increíble relación de Lisandro Martínez con Polito, el perro que adoptó en la pandemia y tiene Instagram | TN

Polo’s presence is important to Martinez for a reason other than the fаncy lifestyle. Dogs are known to help people feel less stressed and anxiоus, and Polo’s ability to calm the football player down is no doubt helping him recover after the game.

Even in the high-strеss world of professional sports, the cute bulldog is a reminder that having a loyal pet by your side can make all the difference.

In conclusion, Polo, Lisandro Martinez’s bulldog, lives a very fаncy life. This shows how close a pet and owner really are. Martinez keeps doing great on the football field, and Polo keeps being a source of comfort, rest, and pure love. He reminds us all of how important it is to have a furry friend in our lives.