Exploring $4 million mansion of Lakers star D’Angelo Russell: Seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a basketball court and a gym

Following a relatively smooth start with the Los Angeles Lakers, D’Angelo Russell transitioned to the Brooklyn Nets and eventually secured a spot in the starting lineup. The All-Star game is set to kick off with a matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors, leading up to the championship game of the tournament.

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The inclusion of D’Angelo Russell in the Los Angeles Lakers’ starting lineup sets up an optimal scenario for the team to compete against LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Russell’s presence significantly enhances the Lakers’ prospects of success. Considering Russell’s contract with the Lakers worth $37 million over the next two years, one might wonder how much of that sum would be necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle. This article delves into D’Angelo Russell’s $4 million estate situated in the Minneapolis suburb of Wayzata, Minnesota, offering insights into his affluent living arrangements in the area.

Here are some photos of D’Angelo Russell’s $4 million mansion in Wayzata.