LeBron James ‘Very Concerned’ About Squatters Allegedly Hosting ‘Co—ne Orgy Parties’ in $5 Million Home Near Ritzy Neighborhood Shared with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

LeBron James Expresses Concern Over Squatters’ Troubles in Southern California Neighborhood

Reports have surfaced indicating that NBA star LeBron James is growing increasingly concerned about squatters occupying a $4.3 million home in his southern California neighborhood. 

Just a few yards away from the party house is the site of NBA star LeBron James's new dream home that is currently under construction

The situation has escalated to a point where these squatters are allegedly hosting cоcaine-fueled parties, prompting unease among local residents.

Listing agent John Woodward told DailyMail.com he first discovered there were squatters at the home when he went to show the property to prospective buyers in October and found the locks and gate code had been changed

The saga unfolds in the vicinity of James’ extravagant $36.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills, which he purchased in 2022 and subsequently demolished to make way for his dream residence, neighboring Hollywood elites such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. 

The gated home was owned by Dr. Munir Uwaydah, who fled the US in 2013 amid an investigation into the murder of his girlfriend. The property was eventually repossessed, and has been in the hands of Uwaydah's mortgage lender since

However, just two doors down from James’ property, a residence has fallen into the hands of squatters, who have reportedly transformed it into a venue for late-night rave parties, causing disturbances and safety concerns for the community.

According to reports, despite efforts by concerned neighbors, including communication with James’ house manager, the situation persists, with law enforcement seemingly powerless to intervene. 

According to neighbors, a party attendee's Porsche was towed last week after investigator Mark Ebner photographed a bag of pill capsules in the back

The squatters, purportedly claiming tenancy through dubious means, have even gone as far as advertising rooms for rent on booking platforms, further exacerbating tensions in the neighborhood.

The pills and other evidence of drug use around the squat house has prompted LAPD to refer the case to its Narcotics division

James’ house manager revealed the challenges posed by these unlаwful occupants, necessitating round-the-clock security presence at the NBA star’s construction site to deter unwanted activities.

Partygoers seen heading to the home

The ongoing legal bаttle over the ownership of the disputed property adds complexity to the situation, with conflicting claims and a bankruptcy filing muddying the waters. Private investigator Mark Ebner has been enlisted to probe the matter, shedding light on the ιllιcιt activities occurring within the premises.

Nearby residents said they had seen 'hundreds' of people attend the late-night bashes

Nearby residents said they had seen ‘hundreds’ of people attend the late-night bashes

Exterior of Hollywood Hills mansion trashed by squatters

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Despite efforts to resolve the issue, frustrations mount among affected parties, including private lenders and neighboring residents, who feel let down by the lack of decisive action from authorities.

Pictured: Attendees loitering outside the property

Investigator Mark Ebner staked otut the property and witnessed dozens of partygoers arriving and leaving

As the saga unfolds, it underscores the challenges posed by squatters and the complexities involved in addressing such issues within the legal framework, leaving residents like James and his neighbors grappling with the fallout of this unsettling situation.